I was delighted this morning to find an email in my Inbox from Yesim Erez, a Turkish writer and political commentator who lives in the US. Some of her articles on human rights and civil liberties can be found here.  She is the first and I assume only Turk to have read the novel in its entirety, unless some secret and sinister agency has spyware on my computer :-) She has posted a review at Amazon, which I encourage you to read if you want a Turkish perspective on political aspects of the book. As the author, I must admit that the part of the review I liked best was the last sentence, "I am already looking forward to this author's next novel." Thank you, Yesim, for those encouraging words!

I'm already working on the skeleton outline for the sequel...
3/30/2012 10:04:38 pm

It is a good review but of course I am most excited by the last line of your entry....
Funny I had never paid much attention to Turkey until I read this book only reading something if it passed before me. I keep seeing articles on Turkey lately. Interesting country for sure.

7/9/2012 10:00:54 am

Nice blog, just wanted to say I found you through Google


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