The article I wrote on Monday about Erdoğan's AKP government has drawn quite a bit of fire, especially on Twitter. Don't get me wrong; there was plenty of positive feedback as well. But, I was shocked at how some people viewed this article as a "hit piece" against Erdoğan. One person even asked how much I was paid to write this "hate-filled, malicious piece." Unfortunately, people tend to characterize "telling the truth" as hate speech whenever they disagree. Remember what Orwell said. "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

The other knee-jerk reaction has been for people to label me a "neocon" or an ultra right-winger. This is hilarious. Hürriyet, one of Turkey's biggest newspapers, fell into this same error. The political views attributed to neocons are diametrically opposed to my own. Of course, Hürriyet may have simply been attempting to distance the newspaper from the views I presented all the while making it available for their readers. In that case, I understand their tactic.

Then, there is the tried and true, "He's a Jew," line of attack. In their world, being a Jew is essentially a crime; it makes one less than human. On this point too I must disappoint them as I have not a drop of David's blood in my veins.

What I simply want to point out is that all of us should judge people based on their actions and their opinions, and we should be sure we have the facts before we start making the judgments.
12/28/2012 10:51:56 pm

I congratulate you for this article in Washington Post. It was a master piece and a lot of people around me appreciated it. Every single word in it reflects the reality and Today´s Turkey with Erdogan as a Prime Minister. By this occasion I also got to know your existence and your extra ordinary skills as a journalist. Be sure that this article is circulating in many Facebook group pages like Kemalizm, Mujdat Gezen, Birlikten Kuvvet Dogar, Cumhuriyet Gunesi and so on. Thank you very much!

1/1/2013 07:43:21 pm

I must add, what Hurriyet did to you was "a kill to deceit for", like you have predicted.
This is sectarianism; you are either "a brother" or "an enemy" (e.g. al-Assad and others) and Dogan conglomerate has been "outed enough" by the pen of their own writers.
You should follow Soner Yalcin among others (Hanefi Avci, Ahmet Sik, ...); not only he became a neocon, he also became a pimp during Ergenekon/oda-tv/sledgehammer.


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