As many of you may have heard the Vatican has officially asked for permission to examine a copy of the Gospel which the Turkish government has had for 12 years. Star newspaper is claiming that this may be an ancient copy of the Gospel of Barnabas, and the whole country is abuzz. I have seen hundreds of comments from Turks and Muslims across the world commenting on this story.

These claims are another example of how history repeats itself. In 1986, the Turkish military said it had found a copy of the Gospel of Barnabas. In the end, it turned out to be the canonical New Testament, and so it retracted its claim, but the retraction never received the press coverage that the initial discovery did, so even today many Turks will claim that the Army found the Gospel of Barnabas in 1986, but is being pressured by the Vatican to keep a lid on it.

Now, we have another one. What is the Turkish obsession with the Gospel of Barnabas?

The Turks have a proverb, Dilin kemiği yoktur, which translated means, 'the tongue has no bone.' In other words, people can SAY anything; there are absolutely no limits. Another Turkish proverb says, Çamuru at, yapışmasa da izi kalır.  This means "sling the mud; even if it doesn't stick, the stain will remain." The "discovery" in 1986 was, in fact, just that - mud slinging, propaganda, manipulation of religious sentiment to control the people. Having lived there for over a decade, I saw first-hand just how crucial religion is to political control.

This new "discovery" is being received with much jubilation in the Islamic world and has been carried by major news networks. For example,

Is any of this related to my book?  Yes! But, I can't ruin the plot by going into detail. I will only say that the news this week proves that the more-than-400-year-old conspiracy is alive and well. However, the novel contains more factual information about what is really happening than anything you're likely to read in the politically correct press... 

It is amazing that a story like this is breaking on the eve of the novel's publication...  The Kindle version will be available this week.
1/8/2013 06:10:57 pm

I read the Book 'Gospel of Barnabas'. It is sure that the Barnabas Gospel is not copied from any of the canonical Gospel, but it may possible that the canonical Gospels are copied from the Barnabas Gospel. Its the point. Now, you are not dump nor you are an ass, so read the Gospel of Barnabas and see yourself what it really is before commenting any..

1/8/2013 10:02:09 pm

Dear mkfaruk,

I have read the Gospel of Barnabas and spent almost five years researching the matter. I have visited the Austrian Library where the sole extant version of the manuscript is held. The forgery is amply documented. I suggest you read the book (A Deceit To Die For) as it will certainly remove all doubt.

1/9/2021 06:10:55 am

Greeat blog post


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